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Congratulations to our 2021 AOY Winner, Colin Heathman!

Colin 2021 AOY.jpg


Test your skills against all anglers over the course of the 2022 GLKFS events! Anglers compete to earn $500 cash, trophy, prizes, and earn a 2022 KBF National Championship qualification spot for top 5, or All American Kayak Classic qualification spot for top 10! Entry to AOY must be done via TourneyX prior to the initial season event. Entry after the cutoff cannot be accepted. Four of the five bass events will count using the points scale below. Anglers will drop their lowest earned score. Please note, missing an event will count as a 0. AOY entry fee is $40 for the season.

AOY Point Structure:

1st Place: 100 Points

2nd Place: 95 Points

3rd Place: 90 Points

4th Place: 85 Points

5th Place: 80 Points

6th Place: 75 Points

7th Place: 70 Points

8th Place: 65 Points

9th Place: 60 Points

10th Place: 55 Points

11th Place: 50 Points

12th Place and up:  45 Points

Points will be accrued only at our Bass Tournaments (Your best scores from 4 out of 5 events)

1st Place AOY will win a guaranteed minimum $500 cash along with other top Sponsor prizes and a trophy.

Our Top 5 AOY winners will receive a slot to the 2021 KBFNC.  If an angler has already received a slot, it will roll down to the next qualified AOY Angler.

Our Top 10 AOY anglers will receive an invite to the All-American Kayak Classic to be held on Lake Truman in Missouri.

Top 10 AOY anglers will also qualify for the Wisconsin State Championship to be held September 10-11th on Green Lake!

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