We are allowing use of electric motors for our events starting in 2019.  Please click the link below to read KBF standard rules for complete breakdown of rules and regulations.







  1. The minimum length is changed from 12 inches to 8 inches.

  2. We use TourneyX for our Tournament Management System for all Bass events.  Anyone who wishes to participate in our Bass events will need to create a free profile to register and compete via TourneyX.

  3. No Membership is required to compete in our series, however, if you receive a qualifying slot for the KBF National Championship, you will need to become a KBF Member.  If you want to compete for AOY points, you will need to buy-in for $30.00 before the cutoff date.

  4. Competitor Right to Cancel - A participant who wishes to cancel in a GLKFS event must do so at least 12 hours in advance to the start time of an event.  No refunds will be provided once the deadline time has passed.

  5. Pre-tournament check-in:  No pre-tournament checks will be happening for our 2020 season except the salmon tournament.

  6. Identifier: Participants must print and use the identifier which will be made available through TrouenX and  Facebook the Thursday prior to the tournament event. The special code to put in code box will be released on the day of the tournament. KBF Identifiers are not acceptable. No identifier will be needed for the salmon tournament.

  7. Registration cut off: Registering for a tournament will be available online through TourneyX.

    Launching from public launches on public water must be documented with a photo(s). The photo may not be taken more than one (1) hour prior to launch. This photo must have the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) location and time stamp functions turned on for the photos(s). If an angler re-launches from a different location during the same tournament, a new photo must be taken using the same guidelines. This photo(s) must remain in your possession for no less than 72 (3 Days) hours after the end of the competition hours. This photo(s) will be submitted to GLKFS staff upon request, to ensure an angler launched from a legal public launch.
    The launch photo will include the following:
    1) GLKFS Event Identifier with unique code.
    2) Approved measuring device.
    3) GPS / Location / Time Stamp turned on in device for photos.
    4) Photo(s) must be time-stamped no more than one (1) hour prior to the start of tournament competition hours.
    5) Anew photo must be taken if an angler moves and re-launches from a new location following the same rules outlined above.

KBF Rules we would like to highlight for participant consideration:


Acceptable measuring boards include the Ketch Co Measuring Board. NO OTHER MEASURING BOARDS ARE ALLOWED.

Only ONE casting, spin-casting, spinning, or fly rod and reel may be in use at any one time. A rod and reel are considered to be “in use” when a lure attached to it by a line is in or on the water. A hung lure (one snagged in an overhanging tree) that is not in or on the water is not considered in use and the attached rod and reel may be set aside while another is in use.


Rule Amendments for Salmon tournament

1.State Licenses– All participants must possess a Great Lake Salmon/Trout Stamp in addition to the Wisconsin Fishing License.  

2. Registration – Registration will be available on TourneyX and the morning of the tournament at Manitowoc Marina. Pre-established registration time will be announced on our website & Facebook page.

3. Required Equipment - All participants are required to have a working GMRF/VHF radio.

4. Trolling/Fishing: Participants can have a maximum of 3 lines in use at any one time.  Trolling is allowed using artificial lures only. 

5. Token/Identifier – No token/identifier will be needed for this event.  Each angler will have their fish measured by tournament directors who may use the assistance of the WI DNR for length verification if available.

6. Scoring/Culling -  Once a fish is in your possession (on a stringer, cooler, on a rope, etc) it CANNOT be released. If a fish is not going to be kept to measure it must be IMMEDIATELY released. If you have caught 4 fish and want to Cull your 5th fish in hopes of a larger one, you may do this only if that fish is still alive and has not been in your possession for any length of time yet.  A max of 5 fish can be caught, but only 3 fish will be used for scoring.

7. Safety - Safe boating and participation will be observed at all times. During the competition, each participant is required to comply with all state boating and fishing laws.  Anglers must wear a PFD at all times during each event. It is the responsibility of each participant to know and understand their own personal safety. If at any time the Tournament Directors feel that a participant is not being safe, does not have proper apparel or gear, or is exhibiting unsafe behavior or activity, they have the right to remove that participant from the tournament.